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IT Asset Management: Best Practices

IT asset management  (ITAM) is not a project. You cannot execute it once & expect it to be done. ITAM is a practice that must be maintained and consistently enhanced to give your business the advantage that it can—and should—deliver.  What we observed is that businesses implement ITAM responsively, in reply to an incident. However, after that issue is fixed, the administrative focus on ITAM is deprioritized until the next crisis. The operation is then re-launched. This continuous rebuilding of ITAM will never yield its full potential benefit.  There will be multiple reasons behind implementing ITAM in a firm; however, we have encountered many that did it proactively instead of as a response to a negative incident. This should stop. Let us see how we can close the stable door before the horse escapes!  Top Recommended: IT Asset Management Practices for Your Business  A Continuous Process  Note that ITAM is a process, not something you execute once & ignore. ITAM will assist your

Maintain your Firewall Infrastructure with VTPL's Managed Firewall Services

As we all know that firewall stops harmful cyber-attacks and malware from infiltrating your business's information technology infrastructure. You can prevent attacks by monitoring network traffic in and out of your firm.  Your  IT support service provider  is in-charge of managed firewall services. They can design and customize it so that your entire IT infrastructure is always protected. They can also install security updates automatically while deploying the most advanced developments.  However, simply having a firewall in your operation does not guarantee that its protocols are properly configured. A poorly managed firewall can block your authorized activities, resulting in operational inefficiencies and dissatisfaction. Alternatively, your firewall will skip malicious data packets if its protocols are poorly configured. Moreover, it offers you a false sense of security while malware and viruses operate unnoticed.  Therefore, appropriately configuring a firewall, determining whe

What Is a Two-Way Communication System ?

A   two-way radio is a technique that allows individuals to communicate with one another using wireless signals. Each user is provided with radio equipment that transmits and receives audio and data using radio frequencies. A two-way radio system could be as simple as two radios directly connected to each other or as complex as an encrypted infrastructure serving an entire country.  You may be familiar with the phrase "walkie-talkie," which refers to unregulated radio equipment. The phrase "two-way radio" refers to both unlicensed and licensed devices.   What Is Microwave Communication?  Microwave is a wireless communication technique that employs high-frequency radio wave beams to enable high data rate wireless connections capable of sending and receiving speech, video, and data information. Because of their short wavelength, microwave connections are widely employed for point-to-point communications because they can be directed in narrow beams that can be targete

Why VTPL's IT Security & Surveillance Services can be Your Preferred Choice ?

If you have recently procured a new camera, it is undoubtedly digital. Both conventional still photography and videography have moved far away from film & analog technologies in support of digital technologies.  The migration from analog to digital security systems (DSS) in video surveillance and security encompasses far more than just a technological shift. It is a complete shift that makes intelligent, more cost-effective, adaptable solutions more appealing to a wide range of organizations, including corporate workplaces, healthcare facilities, merchants, and hotels.   VTPL’s Digital Security & Surveillance Systems – A Preferred Choice  The major advantage of digital security and surveillance systems is to capture and prohibit theft and other criminal conduct, other prominent functions include:  Getting Rid of False Claims  Premises are monitored to minimize liability associated with employee/customer injury or damage.  Staffing & Time Management  Precise customer counts